Our 8 Essential Tactics for turning people on the internet into your paying customers.

Direct Response Campaigns

Our sole purpose is to ensure our marketing is the single most profitable investment your business can make.

We were founded off of one simple fact: if people don't know about your business, they can't join you in changing the world.

We take what your business does, and customize a process for your message to get to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Say Goodbye to "Random Acts of Marketing"

Our Direct Response Campaigns are strategically designed to achieve your desired business goals, every time.

We listen to the greatest challenges in your business, and design a multi-channel strategy to overcome them.

That means more leads, more traffic, and more sales.

Email Marketing

You may have heard, "The money's in the list!"

Well, 30% of sales happen do happen through email alone.

Do you have a consistent way of generating valuable emails?

A quality email list, with a tried and tested method for driving sales, is an asset your business cannot afford to not invest in.

Search Term Takeover

The average consumer only spends 8 minutes per day on Google, so it doesn't make sense to spend thousands of dollars trying to be "number one" or "at the top".

Our advertising strategies let you "tag" everyone who searches for what you're selling... and then show them your ad at every turn... for weeks after they've done the search.

Multi-Channel Ad Strategy

We're experts in Facebook Advertising, Google, YouTube, Programmatic, Email and Organic.

With our diversified experience, we're able to create a comprehensive strategy based on the unique needs of your business.

We believe that online advertising is best utilized in conjunction with the data from other medias.

Your customer isn't using only one online platform, so why should you?

Competitive Audience Building

It's easy to overlook how powerful it is to get a list of people... whether it be your existing customers, a list of prospects, a list of households, or any other list... and then show online ads SPECIFICALLY to people on that list!

Like a potential customer who is "getting ready" to buy, and they start browsing websites related to what you sell.

Or if you have a store that sells supplements, the perfect people to advertise to are people who regularly buy supplements!

We can even draw a digital "fence" around where your ideal customers hang out, competitor's locations, and show your ads to their customers... even after they've left a competitor's store.

This strategy gets even better when we can build customer lists of people who have the same buying actions as your current customers.

Is your marketing being stunted by ignoring the possibilities of targeting markets that already have an interest?

The potential with this one method alone are literally endless.

Social Media Presence Optimization

Social media is without a doubt, an essential part of any marketing strategy.

But it is not worth it... unless it gives you results.

And by results, we mean more leads, customers and sales.

Not pointless "likes" or "fans" that don't pay you.

Actual customers.

...With genuine interest in what you have to offer.

And the way we do this for you is simple:

First, we identify who your perfect customer is.

Then, we help you create useful content that's tailor made specifically to get that prospect to start paying attention to you.

Once they know, like and trust you... then we start showing them ads that direct them to your website or store.

The impact of branded content in your business needs to be measurable, and have a correlation with your bottom-line.

Web Pages That Work

Most business websites are nothing more than fancy brochures. They might be pretty... but they don't sell.

Here's how we fix that:

First, we find out how your sales process actually works.

For example... Do people buy from your website? Or do you mainly sell when someone physically walks into your store? Or do you sell when you schedule phone calls? Or do you make sales when you generate a lead and them follow up with them?

Whatever your sales process is, we simply use the internet to put more people into it.

And the way we do that is by creating web pages that actually get people to take the action you want them to take.

Whether it's to pick up the phone to call you, get in the car and drive to your store, or schedule a call... we create a specialized webpage to focus on getting them to do just that.

Strategic Promotional Calendar

The last thing we'll encourage you to do is send out discounts every week. We don't believe in promotions without a reason.

We'll work together with you to determine which dates, seasons, holidays and product launches are the best investment for your brand.

Ensuring that we don't underscore your value, and overall brand image.

Leads that are mindfully nurtured through your digital ecosystem, will make for the highest return on investment when it's time to buy.